Entering Lidice, there is a dirt road on the right in front of the on your left water tank. This tank is before the supermarket La Fortuna on your left if you are coming from the Panamericana Capira entrance. From Trinity Hills, the supermarket is on your right and the tank is on your right as well.

We have these accommodations available:

  • 8 Bunk beds
  • 1 Queen bed
  • 1 King bed
  • 2 Futons
  • 1 Full kitchen
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Cost per individual bed: $12
  • Cost per private room:
    • King bed room: $45
    • Double bunk bed and Queen bed: $60
    • Double bunk bed room: $40
  • Cost of tour only (per person): $20
  • *Futons available for full house rental and retreats*
Use Waze to drive to Panama Pure

NOTICE – The road conditions require a 4×4 high suspension vehicle.
If your car does not qualify, call us to set up a pick up at
the road entrance.

Reserve Through Airbnb Now

NOTICE If you reserve with us through Airbnb, you get a great deal for 2 rooms
(6 people max) shared with a host on site. Includes tour and breakfast!